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04 - Things could be so right - Bunnington Judah & High Elements

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:15
"The Signs" :
"The Signs in Dub" :
"THE SIGNS" & "THE SIGNS IN DUB" are 2 albums result of a long time collaboration between Bunnington Judah from UK (on vocals & aketeh drum) and Jideh High ( HIGH ELEMENTS) from France as music composer & dubmixer . it gathers 11 vocals mixed in 2017 including new mixes of their two 12" releases ( "The road of life" and "Stand Firm") - most of those tracks were available only in dubplate for the past 5 years - Tracks builded in Jideh's studio " Shieldrum Records " some collab with Far East (FR) on The road of life , and on the track " a next day with "Agobun Studio & Oulda Irie Rocka" (FR) at Keys & Bass -
"THE SIGNS IN DUB" is the dub album of those vocals gathers 14 dubs heavily mixed by Jideh High in his lab .
the 2 albums are available in high quality digital download on " HIGH ELEMENTS Bancamp " only.
- Produced by " Shieldrum Records " on its own Label 2017
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