AUX1Dub 2

About AUX1Dub 2

AUX-1 DubSystem was originally formed in Austin, TX in the spring of 2010. It began as a collaboration between two musician/producers: Travis “The Dub Decider” Wilson and "Captain" Kurt Eickelberg. The concept was to take the little known and somewhat mysterious studio techniques of the great Jamaican Dub-Reggae engineers like, King Tubby, Scientist and Prince Jammy and reveal them to a live audience using much of the same techniques and equipment, such as, spring reverb, and magnetic-tape delay that their predecessors used.
 As always in authentic dub, the mixing board becomes an instrument in itself. All of our Dubs are recorded live with no automation. Many of the tracks also feature other instrument and vocal parts provided by musicians we have worked with all over the country and the world.

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