Richard Mille RM 052 Skull Tourbillon Replica watch

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richard mille replica

Richard Mille RM 052 Skull Tourbillon Replica watch

Brand: Richard Mille
Item type: Richard Mille RM 52 watches
Model: RM 052 Skull Tourbillon
Movement: manual winding
Case: Titanium
Case size: 42.7x50 mm, 15.95 mm
Gender: men
Dial Color: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: folding
Strap: rubber
Glass: Sapphire
Quality: Japanese AAA
Year: 2012
Water resistance: Water Resistant
Functions: hour, minute, tourbillon

brietling watch replica The power of the mechanical watch comes from the spring, and the clockwork is transmitted to the escapement through four gears (the train wheel train) for isochronous output. Then the fourth gear of the four gears closest to the escapement is the speed of the second hand. In other words, the shaft of the fourth gear is extended out to the dial, and the second hand is mounted on the shaft as the second hand of the "small three-needle" watch. Therefore, the structure of the small three-hand watch is simpler than that of the big three-hand watch, and is closer to the early pocket watch. The big three-needle watch needs a mechanism to transmit the second output of the fourth gear to the middle of the hour and minute hands. The structure is naturally more complex than the small three-hand watch and increases the thickness of the movement. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why there are almost no big three-needle watches on ultra-thin mechanical watches. They are generally small three-hand watches or even no second hand watches.

All mechanical watches require regular oil maintenance. Although famous for their durability, regular oil maintenance needs to be done. The cleaning of the watch movement and the abbreviation of lubricating oil; washing oil is a regular work in the repair of watches. The purpose of washing oil is to maintain the cleaning of the watch parts and the necessary cleaning of the watch movement and the lubrication of the oil. It is a very important and important task in the repair of watches. The purpose of washing oil is to keep the parts of the watch clean and the necessary lubrication of the parts, so as to ensure the precision of the parts of the watch machine, improve the travel time accuracy of the watch machine and extend the service life of the watch machine.

The sealing problem of the watch. As long as the watch is tightly sealed, there will be no foreign matter such as gas, moisture, dust, fiber, etc., so that the watch oil will not easily deteriorate and volatilize, the movement will not easily rust, and the gear and the machine are not easy to be slid. Tiny impurities appear and the movement is relatively clean. richard mille sapphire

The method of decomposing the mechanical table speed control component is now used to assist in judging where the fault is.
For example, if the balance wheel member rotates in a thousand orbits with the upper and lower supports intact, the balance wheel can be operated flexibly, and the rim has no undulations. It is identified by the transformation of the mechanical surface of the movement, under the surface, the handle left, and the handle right. This is the case, which means that the balance component works correctly. Otherwise, there is a problem with the part.
After the double disc component is loaded into the balance wheel component, the rotation identification is adopted: after the balance wheel assembly is rotated and reversed, the pallet fork can be moved from one limit nail to the other limit nail, and the rotation is continued until the pendulum The disc nail in the wheel assembly is blocked by the fork to prevent the balance wheel from rotating, which proves that the balance assembly is working properly.

The key to Swiss watch maintenance
The watch is a highly sophisticated timepiece, especially the escapement speed control in the watch. It is also the most complicated and precise core part of the watch. Because of the fast rotation speed and high oscillation frequency, the parts are easy to wear. Its angle gap size is in micrometers, even the refueling is very particular about it, the more is more, the less is less, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the watch. In particular, some old watches are used for a long time, and the parts are worn out seriously, resulting in inaccurate walking time and serious even stopping. If such a watch is adjusted by experienced professional technicians, although it is an old watch, its performance will be comparable to that of the new watch.

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