Replica Richard Mille RM 052 Skull Rose Gold Limited Edition Watch

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The faulty part of the watch may be: the second hand is too high to touch the richard mille sapphire glass, and the watch glass is not equipped with a tight ring, so that the second hand touches the watch glass, and the fixed machine ring is too high or too low, so that the watch ring presses the watch movement or the back cover pressure watch The movement affects the axial clearance and cannot rotate.

If the winding is successful, the driving route of the winding line is not faulty. If it is not necessary to disassemble the part, if the needle can be smoothly dialed for more than 12 hours (the needle is rotated once a week), the setting of the needle driving route is not faulty. It is not necessary to open the inspection for this part. If it is not possible to pay, remove the parts of the route to check; if the needle cannot be dialed, disassemble the parts of the needle to check. If the fork cannot be used, the needle and the needle should be disassembled. Check the shared parts. If there is a fault in this part, check the fault before proceeding to the next step. Shake the movement of the watch, if the watch balance swings normally, the escapement moves, and the escape wheel does not move, it means that the fork to the balance spring has no fault, and the fault occurs in the section of the automatic line of the box wheel to the escapement shaft. If the balance swings abnormally or not, and the pallet does not move, the faulty part is in the section of the escapement shaft to the balance spring, and the richard mille replica watch needs to be disassembled for inspection.

From the timepiece to the evolution of the watch, not only the volume has become smaller, but also the accuracy of the travel time and the improvement of the anti-interference. It uses the balance wheel, so it can be carried; but the antique clock or pocket watch is very They are "injury", and the vibration and impact of the outside world can easily cause problems with the escapement mechanism and the balance wheel. For this reason, it has undergone an improvement of about 200 years. People have tried various kinds of In the form of escapement, modern watches are basically using lever escapement.

Represented by the anchor type lever escapement, it only works reliably because it has two points: (1) the mechanism has traction, and the escapement teeth have an angle to the fork of the pallet fork, which will make the escapement The fork body of the fork is close to the limit nail without tampering; (2) It has an insurance design, even if there is an external force to move the pallet fork, the safety pin of the pallet fork and the lower circle of the balance wheel There is insurance between the disc (safety disc), which will prevent the continued movement of the pallet fork and allow it to be reset under the traction torque; the other point is that there is also insurance between the balance wheel and the pallet fork. Once the gap between them is exceeded, a blockage is created. In short, the pallet cannot escape the correct watches replica position.

If it is a "back through" back cover, then you can keep shaking the watch and watch the balance of the watch. It is basically not moving, or can only swing in a small direction. It is very easy to repair the "back swing" of the watch. It is solved by removing the pendulum and re-setting it. It is the kind that is ready to be effective immediately. The watchmaker loves to do this job. However, the watch with the phenomenon of "back swing" often attracts attention. It must be a problem with the escapement of the escapement. It should be replaced with a pallet fork or check and reduce the escapement points (mainly The clearance between the fork and the fuse.

The vibration force that can make the balance wheel away from the pallet fork is the most powerful (mostly the force in the direction of 6~12 characters along the dial), the upper and lower shock absorbers in the watch movement will produce radial movement, resulting in a reasonable safety clearance. For example, the pallet fork should have been honestly left at the left end, but under the external force, it was not bound by the insurance institution, but it jumped to the right end, and the balance wheel returned without any response. When turning back, it should be on the inside of the fork of the pallet fork to drive the movement of the pallet fork, but this time it hits the outside of the fork of the pallet fork, can no longer enter the fork, the escapement and the vibration system are not With the cooperation, this is a classic "infarction", and the fake watches uk watch will stop at once.

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