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Although Yeezy's limelight has surpassed Air Jordan 1, the size of some shoes is still not a small increase. Like the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green GS female code, the domestic market did not sell as scheduled, so the current market price is not low. Tomorrow, this Air Jordan 1 GS size will finally welcome official replenishment. The overall color is white and gray with lake green, and the tongue is complemented by a purple gold color Nike Air label, which gives off a thick and fresh atmosphere, which is very suitable for girls to go to the summer. Different from the traditional leather uppers, the use of textured fur blessing. It is worth noting that the shoe body does not have the “SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG” for men.

2019 Mens Jordans Based on the Air Jordan 33 SE, the color matching aspect is covered by Guo Ailun's favorite lake green, and the technology configuration continues the FastFit strap system and Zoom Air cushioning. The golden letter G on the tongue of Air Jordan 33 SE Guo Ailun represents the acronym for “Guo” and also the “13” jersey number. Guo Ailun’s motto “The direction of the heart, the body of the body” is dotted on the outer midsole. The heel shoe is specially added with white 8888 digital embroidery, so you can paint yourself DIY after you start. In addition, the outsole is lined with snow leopards and has a luminous effect, making the shoes more attractive.

In the spring return, Nike will also bring more arrogant color matching, and you will definitely ignite the desire to pick up your hands after reading. The Nike Air Force 1 Turbo Green color scheme is similar to the ones launched last year, except that the color scheme is a single blue dress. Different shades of blue, suede and canvas stitching body, showing a strong layering, while the light color is also perfect for summer.

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