Danny Moon meets Jideh High - This Is Jah Works In Dub

About Danny Moon meets Jideh High - This Is Jah Works In Dub

After a few years of learning directly from the original Dub master, DANNY MOON is excited to share with the world his debut work as a dub engineer. Two new albums, “Danny Moon Meets Jideh High: This is Jah Works", and its dub counterpart album "This is Jah Works In Dub" were released on February 26, 2017 on Shieldrum Records.

The project is a collaboration with producer/engineer/instrumentalist JIDEH HIGH ELEMENTS, originally from Reunion Island, now based in France. The albums feature singers and DJ's from all over the world, including Noel Ellis from Jamaica, Ladee Dred from the USA, Dubiterian from Brazil/Germany, and two UK artists Donovan Kingjay and Reality SoulJah. More info can be found at these sites:

https:// jidehhighelements.bandcamp. com/album/ this-is-jah-works

https:// jidehhighelements.bandcamp. com/album/ this-is-jah-works-in-dub







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This is Jah Works In Dub - Danny Moon Meets Jideh High

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