Dub Electronics designs and manufactures electronic audio equipment

About Dub Electronics designs and manufactures electronic audio equipment

Dub Electronics Inc. would design and manufacture electronic audio equipment associated with recording, mixing, and performing music. Examples include Amplifiers, Sound Systems, Mixing Consoles, Controllers,and EQ/Effects Units.  Electronic Music Pioneer Hopeton Brown aka The Scientist would design each component with the knowledge he's gained all his life first as an electronic engineer and also as a recording engineer.  This scientific understanding of the electronics of sound is what led to the development of Dub Music in the 1970's and 1980's by The Scientist and his mentor King Tubby.   Dub music is now widely acknowledged as the major influence to other types of electronic dance music that started in the 1990's like Hip-Hop and House/Techno and continues to this day in current styles such as Dubstep. 


Most electronic sound equipment is made overseas and American kids interested in this field hardly gain hands on experience. The goal is to build a Dub Electronics Design and Manufacturing Factory in California with paid internships.  The Scientist could then have the option to expand his team and begin training and offering jobs to talented graduates of technical or engineering music schools who would otherwise be unemployed due to lack of positions in their field.  The Scientist, who was considered a "wiz kid",  learned about electronics at a very young age but always had time to help his teenage friends by training them and offering an alternative to the troubles of the streets.  A major initiative of Dub Electronics would be to establish an after-school Community Youth Training Program that would train Junior High and High School kids with an interest in electronics.    


Start-up money raised would be used to build, purchase, or rent a property the size of a small warehouse, and to purchase equipment, tools and machines to be utilized in the manufacturing of Dub Electronics Inc. consumer items. Future revenue would be allocated to salaries or employee perks or benefits.