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There is a simple yet effective technique that can make your productivity sky rocket. It’s a simple idea: spend 25 minutes intensively focused on one task, after that grant yourself a short 5-minute break and repeat the procedure. With a simple timer is is a piece of cake.I tried it out myself, and although it’s harder than you can expect, it really does work.

 I used to spent hours focused not on preparing my articles but chatting on Facebook or checking the stats and doing more useless stuff. I was missing a trigger that would help me get started and pressure to keep me moticated. That is exactly what this technique provides. What you really need is commitment to stay focused for a certain period of time. You need to reserve a certain period of time for work only. And to do that all you need is a simple online countdown timer.

This is a much better solution than checking the time over and over again - that makes you waste time and loose your concentration. The timer will alert you when the time elapses and this will be the only moment when you will have to leave your work.       These days we get more destructed because we usually work on computers with the internet connection. That mean that it is far easier to procrastinate that in the past when we were working in factories an so on. These days, you don't even have to leave your work station to find things to look at, read and kill time on. For that reason you need to be extra cautious.   At first you can be skeptical about how much it is possible to accomplish in just 25 minutes.Remember that without browsing the internet  and other distractions, you can get more things done.For more information, please visit here wifi socket

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