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Recently, I read the famous British writer Jane Austen's masterpiece "Pride and Prejudice". The deepest feeling is that on the road of love, the pursuit of equality and self-esteem is the bachelor of the industry, always craving for the wife. It has become a universally recognized truth. The first sentence of the novel "Pride and Prejudice" begins with the unavoidable writing of the people of that era who consider wealth, fame and status as a necessity for a marriage. The man is eager for the so-called door-to-door The woman asked for the so-called fish leaping gantry. Many people follow the trend of the times, and sink into the sea, becoming a victim of marriage. But there are always some people who do not succumb to the words of their parents, and break through all kinds of rules and regulations to pursue themselves. Their love, independence, self-respect, self-love, threatened "If I didn't meet my love, I would rather play a bachelor's bachelor". The hero of the novel "Pride and Prejudice" is such a person, Darcy is also the beginning of the matter. That's it, it's a meeting, it's too late. In the Netherfield Manor Ball, Darcy is eye-catching and behaving. Ya and has a considerable income, the charm of successful people has attracted the attention of the audience. Darcy Goshawk seems to be locked in the eyes of Elizabeth, even if forced to entertain, forced to dance, but his eyes have not left Elizabeth Newport Wholesale. I think this is probably love. After all, I like a person, my eyes can't hide. However, the famous son of a wealthy businessman suppresses his feelings and talks with Bentley that Elizabeth can still tolerate it. But not to the point that caused his interest. This passage was heard by Elizabeth, his pride violated her self-esteem, she could not forgive. The process of the matter was like this, two flowers, one on each other Newport 100 Cigarettes. Darcy left In the towns and villages, there was no news, and Elizabeth lived a comfortable and leisurely life. As time passed, the unpleasant impressions of Elizabeth and Darcy slowly deepened. The acquaintance of Elizabeth and Wycombe made her life a bit more vital. From the mouth of Wycombe, Elizabeth learned about the inhumanity of arriving in the West, monopolizing the property belonging to Wycombe, and taking away Bentley, destroying Bentley and Jane. Feelings. All kinds of behaviors made Elizabeth's impression of Darcy worse Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. Darcy looked around for Elizabeth's whereabouts, went to her tough family, and went to various dances for her, for her thousands of times. I want to find an opportunity to express my heart. When Darcy saw Elizabeth, he could not restrain his feelings for Elizabeth, so that he was eager to reveal all his thoughts. He was too anxious, and he did not talk nonsense. With the power of high and low, the self-esteem of Elizabeth can not allow his arrogance, violently shouting: "Even if men all over the world are dead, I will not marry you. "He regarded her as the cinnabar in her heart, and she regarded him as the mosquito blood at the bedside. The ending would be like this. After years of grievances Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale, I met with each other. After an urgent knock on the door, Darcy put a letter." The thick letter was given to Elizabeth, who had the most sincere love, explanations of various behaviors, and an apology for her arrogant rhetoric. She realized the struggle of his inner feelings, and her heart began to panic. The aunt traveled, passed through the Darcy Manor, and got the other side of Darcy from the mouth of the next man, kind, kind, friendly. In the empty roof, I met Darcy, she wanted to escape, but she was full of gentle eyes on Darcy. Very elegant words. Between them, for her, he changed the arrogance of nature; for him, she also learned to quit prejudice. Elizabeth learned that Darcy rescued her little sister who ran away with Wycombe. Later, after moving, it deepened the indescribable love for Darcy. Elizabeth firmly believes: "If a woman hides her feelings for the man she loves, she may lose the opportunity to get him." So, she is in the morning In the middle of the meeting, Darcy, who is firmly coming to him, took his hand and spent the rest of his life. He always understood Darcy's arrogance and Elizabeth's prejudice. Because this is a story about equality and self-esteem. Darcy's arrogance is because His appearance is outstanding and his origins are extraordinary. He is the darling of destiny, living at the top of the pyramid does not understand the suffering of the people; and Elizabeth's prejudice is because of her desire for equality, she is born ordinary, she is not ordinary, there is a relationship in the bones The destiny of destiny is reluctant. The more a person wants to get rid of reality, the more fragile her self-respect is. She instinctively resists the ��rich second generation��. Because of the inequality of reality, her self-esteem has no place to be placed. Darcy is only An emotional release point. However, she did not think about suppressing long-lasting indulgence, even let Darcy indulge in the road. Elizabeth is not a traditional introverted gentle lady, Darcy is not a pretentious gentleman, they all have their own ideas I don��t succumb, I don��t agree, this is also the thousand Hamlet who I love the readers of this book. Read Pride and Prejudice. This is also the case. Some people have read from this book that money is valuable and love is higher; some people have read the social status of the 18th century; and I only believe that love must pursue equality and self-esteem Cheap Newport Cartons.

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