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Yesterday morning, probably less than five o'clock, I was awakened by the sound of firecrackers. I listened carefully from the direction of the trade city in the south. It is estimated that the businessman there put it. . The firecrackers were in a hurry, and the businessman��s temper was more urgent, and he had advanced the time of this year��s ��God of Wealth��. Isn't it? The release of his family has aroused thousands of sounds,0and in a short while it set off a small climax. At this time, the wife on the side was awakened, but it was still sleepy. "How come this year is so early!" "Is this all made by businessmen and robbing the god of wealth." I have been stunned by the firecrackers. In addition to the firecrackers, I heard a scream of "ߴߴ����" coming out of the window. I haven��t heard the magpies for a long time. Does it know that today��s God of Wealth? Xixi specially asked me to go back to my hometown? I quickly got up, packed my bags, and prepared to go back to my hometown to go to the "God of Wealth" to rush to eat breakfast with firecrackers, and accompanied the firecrackers to bring my wife and women to the direction of my hometown Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. When I went to the small town northern market, I heard someone selling it: "Cucumber, it��s cheap." Looking at the sound, I saw a middle-aged man in his forties and 40s standing in front of his cucumber stand, and a tricycle next to him The empty empty basket, I saw him today is also "grabbing the god of wealth", got up early, I looked at the empty box on his tricycle and said: "You planted a lot of cucumber? It seems today It��s quite good to sell.�� He stretched out Right hand, opened five fingers: "planted five acres, piled up in the cucumber field and can not sell more, let the wholesale sold, and left these." I saw, there is not much left. It was placed on the stall and under a basket. I thought, this is the light that is smeared with today's "God of Wealth". It is the God of Wealth who secretly helped you from the process of picking cucumbers from me to his weighing. He has been talking about it, and naturally said On the Fortuna Festival: "In these years, I have been in the South, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hainan almost ran all over, and there was almost no Fortuna Festival in the South. Just came back this year, and I saw that the North, especially our God of Wealth Festival, is really lively. I had a lot of excitement in the years before I went to the South. Now I am trying to put a whip, a salute, a fireworks, a friend, a friend, and a big talk. "I have been unable to insert my mouth and say: "Yes, yes. Ah, my wife and I are slowly measuring the wine and dishes, and listening to an old lady around us, saying: "The Fortune Festival has been busy since yesterday, and it is surrounded by a pig stall. It is like being surrounded. "Listen to her, I will see that this stall selling pig's head meat is almost surrounded. Looking at the market, the crowds are also carrying big bags, and now the God of Wealth is not just for business. According to the people I know, almost every household has not figured it out, it is a lively, but also to have a good mood, let the "God of Wealth" into the homes of ordinary people. Thinking about a motorcycle, electric car, The bicycle drove into the vegetable market. It was all done for the big money package, and I thought about it and bought the Fushou melon. This was specially bought for the 85-year-old father. Going straight to my home. Sitting in the car, I slowly reminisce about what I just said when I was selling vegetables, chewing the humorous words of the old lady, thinking back to the market where the people came and went, and triggered my imagination. I remembered the origin of the God of Wealth: The God of Wealth Festival is a festival of worshipping the god of wealth in the Han and Tu nationalities in China. It has been designated as the annual lunar calendar on July 22 and has been listed as a traditional Chinese festival. Custom is the first day of the first month of the lunar month On July 22nd Cigarette Cartons For Cheap, the god of wealth was sacrificed. Therefore, on the day of the God of Wealth, we saw that almost all businessmen had a feast, feasting friends and family, and greeted the arrival of God of Wealth. Thanks to the support of friends and relatives, and mutual blessing Congratulations on getting rich, business is booming, financial resources are flourishing Carton Of Newport Shorts Price, financial resources are rolling, good luck, happy... All the blessings are in a series, and it sounds like a family laughs. At noon, friends and friends gather at night, happy all day. A string of firecrackers hung on the trees on both sides of the road. There were salutes on the ground Marlboro Lights Online, and the wife urged to go quickly. When I arrived at my hometown, I saw a family full of people in front of the commercial households. There are dozens of boxes of salutes on the ground, all open, and the arrival of that wonderful moment will be when hundreds of salutes contend, and it is also the moment of gratification of the god of wealth to return home, see the old father and brother Being busy, the old father who had stopped drinking was busy taking "Moutai Welcome", "Dukang" and German dark beer, in order to let his two sons have a good time; the younger brother who had worked as a chef was busy stewing. , Cooking to the home of his wife got off the hand, put just bought lamb chops stew, the chicken, duck put on my old father will be greeted with:.. "Dad, do not busy, let them busy on the line. "It��s just like the old father��s family. It seems that the old father��s spirit is great today. Today, the god of wealth is coming. His son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are also coming back. The whole family is reunited to welcome the god of wealth. Do you say that he is in a bad mood? For a while, the wine dishes were on the big round table, and I was full of tables. What was the "chicken head, the fish sweeping, the peanuts in the middle...", it was all right, it was full. After the old father spoke, it was the opening white. I opened the prelude to the God of Wealth. My brother and I pushed for a cup, and the blessings also said a string of strings. It seems that we can never finish it. "I wish the family a happy God of Wealth, and today the God of Wealth comes to my house. "I wish my father's pensions rise, happiness and well-being, and have a good mood every day!" "I wish my brother's business is prosperous and prosperous, and the financial resources are flourishing in Sanjiang, and the Fortune God Festival is a big fortune." "I also silently blessed myself and my family in my heart. The family feast was filled with beautiful blessings and deep affection. I laughed and laughed and sipped my drink. It seems that I have a drink, my brother has to drink again, I have The meaning of "stop pot", because the younger brother went to the cousin's house to drink at night, I advised him not to drink any more. In the village, they also drink at noon, then drink at night, the atmosphere is their own I created it Cigarette Wholesale Prices. My brother advised me to stay in the cousin��s house to be lively and lively. I said that now I can��t drink alcohol any more, and I refused. I think it��s just a little time when I drink, I��m not feeling it, I��m drinking it forever. This state is the best, exactly what I expected. I think it is also the way back to the "God of Wealth", facing the setting sun, but the mind is born with "the sunset is infinitely good, just near dusk. "The thoughts, a burst of firecrackers and salute sounds like a burst of sound, I sang a song all the way... Slowly aftertaste, this "God of Wealth" is really lively

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