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Today is Sunday, the weather is good, come early in the morning, go to climb the Dongshan Mountain from the entrance of Dongshan Park, along the stone steps, slowly go up. There are trees on both sides, grass and flowers on the ground, and the air is quite good. There are not many people, but many people who exercise early, mostly dance in square dances and play badminton. There are also walks, ostriches, and Tai Chi. Several children are there. In the pond, catching small fish; far away, there are also a few pairs of avant-garde young people who are not tall in the show, and they reach the top of the mountain in ten minutes. The door of the Zhibiao Tower has not been open, but it is a bit sour. It must have been because I haven��t exercised for two years. I took a deep breath, stretched my body, stretched my body, and I felt refreshed and the weather was good. The visibility is extremely high and looks west. The opposite side of the mountain is covered with green. In the parks on the hills and under the mountains, people are more than Dongshan. The red wall of Huili Temple is particularly eye-catching. To the north of the mountain, it is close to the suburbs, and there is a small amount of farmland. But most of them have returned farmland to forests. Along the Changshan River, a new wetland park was built Wholesale Cigatettes. The scale is not very large. It has not yet been fully built, but it is already in the southwest of the city. In the past few years, the building in the city center has stood at the top. Commercial, residential, in any case. A lot of real estate can not be sold, excess, sales advertising is quite attractive, but the price is limited, the greening of the city center is relatively less. Only the street trees, the greening of the community, and the gap between the building and the building are dotted with green. It is also very valuable. It is around the city and is now surrounded by green. These officials are actually doing a good thing for the people. In recent years, the number of parks has increased from two or three to more than ten. Wuhu, Meiyuan, Bigfoot, Luotang River, Dongshan, Xishan, Wetland Park, etc. The construction and repair are very delicate and the greening is extremely high. Especially the Wuhu Park is the most famous. The tourists are not only the parks, but also along the banks of the main rivers of the Tang River, as well as the banks of the Luotang River and the Changshan River. They are long and stretch for several kilometers. The greening is also very good, just like A green ribbon, connected to a dozen parks, weaved into a huge emerald necklace. Park-like green belts can still be seen around the city and on several main roads. North and South Avenue, East and West Avenue, Biyun Road, by the boxing road. The car is driving on the boulevard and there is a little bit of a shuttle in the park. A green city wall, the city is wrapped up quite tightly. It is said that the city's greening projects, planning ahead, investment is quite large, no less than the investment in the property market. Legend has it that the government has owed a debt to the municipal construction, and I will not take care of him. It is not easy to do things now Wholesale On Newports Cigarettes. People in the government can do something worthy of praise for the local people and the people. It is even harder for the green Newport Soft Pack Carton. I really like to praise you here. I cherish this green. I really want to see that the future of this city, whether it is governance, business, work, life, is full of green, away from corruption and fraud, so clean; people's minds are melted by this green, melting into noble The character, so fresh and simple, by that time, I really don't know what words to praise her Carton Of Newport Shorts Cigarettes Online. I stood on the top of the East, looking far Marlboro Cigarettes In Bulk.

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